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Westwood Van Ministry
Need a ride to church?  
Westwood's Van Ministry is here to assist in getting you to church and home each Sunday.  Note: Van transportation is only on Sundays.


                                  1st Sundays                      2nd Sundays 
                               Ausbon Starling             Raymond Patton, Sr.
                               650-1990 home                  399-0659 home
                                                                                 973-8685 cell

                                3rd Sundays                    4th Sundays   
                        Raymond Patton, Sr.         Ronald Taylor
                             399-0659 home                 569-5660 cell 
                             973-8685 cell

  5th Sundays
 James Dean
                                                           495-1344 cell

Please call the driver on Saturday 
in order to be picked up on Sunday. 
 For more information,
 contact Dec. Raymond Patton, Sr. at 399-0659.

Westwood has twenty-two different  units inclusive houses, duplexes, and one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.  

Applications are available at the church office between the hours of 9:00 A.M - 1:00 P.M.

Sis. Doris McLay
Dec. Andrew Hanserd   
Dec. James Ellison
Dec. Jarrett Utley

 Westwood Baptist Church
      Housing Ministry
          (615) 327-3031 

Westwood Early Start Learning Center
Early Start has been operating for over 25 years plus and is a license child care provider for 12 children.  Professional  and spiritual care is provided for all children.  Ages 2-5 are accepted.  Call today for an application.

Mrs. Deborah Ellison, Director
Mrs. Rosa Moore, Teacher
Mrs. Connie Brown, Food Provider

Contact Number:
(615)  327-3897  

June 2 - July 25, 2014
7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

SEP Summer program is for children ages 5-16, which runs through May - August yearly.   This program includes reading, mathematics, sciences, music, crafts, character building,  dance, drama, field trips and much more.  A Teen Leadership Entrepreneurial Program is for ages 13 & up. 
Clubs: Areas of exploration which will require advance notice. Sessions are held 3:30PM – 4:30PM (schedules will vary). Jewelry Making, Ceramics, Interior Decorating, Photography, Gardening, Cooking, Board Games, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Business, Debate/Forensics and Your Interest. 

  (All Payments must be made with cash or money orders preferred.)
$20.00 registration fee (non-refundable)  
$65.00 weekly – for the first child
$45.00 weekly – for each additional child in the same family and household
$25.00 swimming fee (one time)
(These fees include meals, snacks, regular field trips, lots of love and more!)

Application may be picked up at the church office between 9:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M Monday-Friday.

Melaine Wilkins - Director
(615) 327-3897 

Westwood Ministries
Beautification Ministry                           Children Ministry                    Christian Education Ministry 

                           DANCE MINISTRIES                          
Fruit Of The Spirit 
Flag Ministry 
Seasons Of Praise

Christian In Deliverance                               Deacon Ministry                               Deaconess Ministry

Drama Ministry                                            Evangelism Ministry                         Fit For Life Ministry

Girl Scouts Ministry                                       Housing Ministry                                Media Ministry 

                                                                               Men Ministry 

                                                               Mission and Outreach Ministry
                                                                 Meals On Wheels (December)

Echoes Of Praise
Men Of Praise
Perfect Praise
Voices Of Praise

New Members Ministry                                Nurses Ministry                                            Prayer Ministry 

Senior Adult Ministry                                    Usher Ministry                     Welcome Of Visitors Ministry 

Women Ministry                                        Young Adult Ministry                                        Youth Ministry 

Listed below are the different services that Westwood has to offer.  
You may contact any these ministries by 
email - westwoodbc@comcast.net or just called 615 327-3897.

Closed Until
February  2015

Contact Number 329-0901